Year: 2015
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Bessie (2015) 2015

The story of legendary blues performer Bessie Smith, who rose to fame during the 1920s and '30s.

Director: Dee Rees

Stars: Tika Sumpter, Michael Kenneth Williams, Queen Latifah, Oliver Platt

6.6 IMDB Rating 58 Views
Muhammad: The Messenger of God (2015) 2015

The events, trials and tribulations of the city of Makkah in 7th century AD.

Director: Majid Majidi

Stars: Mahdi Pakdel, Sareh Bayat, Mina Sadati, Ali Reza Shoja'noori

7.5 IMDB Rating 9,607 Views
13 Minutes (2015) 2015

In November 1939, Georg Elser's attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler fails, and he is arrested. During his confinement, he recalls the events leading u...

Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel

Stars: Christian Friedel, Katharina Schüttler, Burghart Klaußner, Johann von Bülow

7.0 IMDB Rating 849 Views
Eddie the Eagle (2016) 2015

The story of Eddie Edwards, the notoriously tenacious British underdog ski jumper who charmed the world at the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Director: Dexter Fletcher

Stars: Tom Costello, Jo Hartley, Keith Allen, Dickon Tolson

7.4 IMDB Rating 3,338 Views
Trumbo (2015) 2015

In 1947, Dalton Trumbo (Bryan Cranston) was Hollywood's top screenwriter until he and other artists were jailed and blacklisted for their political be...

Director: Jay Roach

Stars: Bryan Cranston, Michael Stuhlbarg, David Maldonado, John Getz

7.5 IMDB Rating 2,070 Views
Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words (Jag är Ingrid) (2015) 2015

A captivating look behind the scenes of the remarkable life of a young Swedish girl who became one of the most celebrated actresses of American and Wo...

Director: Stig Björkman

Stars: Alicia Vikander, Ingrid Bergman, Pia Lindström, Roberto Rossellini

7.4 IMDB Rating 693 Views
The Man Who Knew Infinity (2015) 2015

The story of the life and academic career of the pioneer Indian mathematician, Srinivasa Ramanujan, and his friendship with his mentor, Professor G.H....

Director: Matt Brown

Stars: Jeremy Irons, Dev Patel, Malcolm Sinclair, Raghuvir Joshi

7.2 IMDB Rating 2,901 Views
Joy (2015) 2015

JOY is the wild true story of Joy Mangano and her Italian-American family across four generations centered on the girl who becomes the woman who found...

Director: David O. Russell

Stars: Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper, Edgar Ramírez

6.6 IMDB Rating 7,892 Views
Ip Man 3 (2016) 2015

When a band of brutal gangsters led by a crooked property developer make a play to take over a local school, Master Ip is forced to take a stand.

Director: Wilson Yip

Stars: Donnie Yen, Lynn Xiong, Jin Zhang, Mike Tyson

7.1 IMDB Rating 37,701 Views
The Big Short (2015) 2015

Three separate but parallel stories of the U.S mortgage housing crisis of 2005 are told. Michael Burry, an eccentric ex-physician turned one-eyed Scio...

Director: Adam McKay

Stars: Ryan Gosling, Rudy Eisenzopf, Casey Groves, Charlie Talbert

7.8 IMDB Rating 5,098 Views 3 Comment
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