Year: 2015
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Abandoned Dead (2015) 2015

A security guard, trapped in a run-down inner-city medical clinic, is terrorized by supernatural forces which threaten to overtake her.

Director: Mark W. Curran

Stars: Ivan Adame, Hannah Johnson, Sarah Nicklin, Judith O'Dea

2.6 IMDB Rating 140 Views
Curve (2015) 2015

A young woman becomes trapped in her car after a hitchhiker causes her to have an automobile accident.

Director: Iain Softley

Stars: Julianne Hough, Teddy Sears, Penelope Mitchell, Madalyn Horcher

5.5 IMDB Rating 300 Views
Area 51 (2015) 2015

Three young conspiracy theorists attempt to uncover the mysteries of Area 51, the government's secret location rumored to have hosted encounters with ...

Director: Oren Peli

Stars: Reid Warner, Darrin Bragg, Ben Rovner, Jelena Nik

4.2 IMDB Rating 353 Views
The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence) (2015) 2015

Taking inspiration from The Human Centipede films, the warden of a notorious and troubled prison looks to create a 500-person human centipede as a sol...

Director: Tom Six

Stars: Dieter Laser, Laurence R. Harvey, Eric Roberts, Robert LaSardo

2.8 IMDB Rating 804 Views
The Lure (2015) 2015

In Warsaw, a pair of mermaid sisters are adopted into a cabaret. While one seeks love with humans the other hungers to dine on the human population of...

Director: Agnieszka Smoczynska

Stars: Marta Mazurek, Michalina Olszanska, Kinga Preis, Andrzej Konopka

6.4 IMDB Rating 1,323 Views
Unnatural (2016) 2015

Global climate change prompts a scientific corporation to genetically modify Alaskan polar bears with horrific and deadly results.

Director: Hank Braxtan

Stars: James Remar, Sherilyn Fenn, Ron Carlson, Graham Greene

3.9 IMDB Rating 439 Views
Star Leaf (2015) 2015

Hikers find a secret grove of extra-terrestrial marijuana and must fight for their lives when they anger the other-worldly forces protecting the plant...

Director: Richard Cranor

Stars: Richard Cranor, Julian Gavilanes, Russell Hodgkinson, Kevin Jolly

3.5 IMDB Rating 528 Views
Queen of Spades: The Dark Rite (2015) 2015

There is an ancient ritual known to humankind for more than a hundred years...According to the legend, an ominous entity known as The Queen of Spades ...

Director: Svyatoslav Podgaevskiy

Stars: Alina Babak, Valeriya Dmitrieva, Igor Khripunov, Evgeniya Loza

5.5 IMDB Rating 732 Views
Evolution (2015) 2015

Nicolas is a boy living on a remote island set in the future, or another planet - or is it a dream? His village consists of white-painted houses locat...

Director: Lucile Hadzihalilovic

Stars: Max Brebant, Roxane Duran, Julie-Marie Parmentier, Mathieu Goldfeld

6.0 IMDB Rating 2,893 Views
The Sublet (2015) 2015

The Sublet is a suspense driven psychological thriller about Joanna, a new mom coping with her baby alone in an odd sublet apartment. As her husband n...

Director: John Ainslie

Stars: Tianna Nori, Mark Matechuk, Krista Madison, Porter Randell

6.6 IMDB Rating 1,195 Views
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