Year: 2018
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I Am Toxic (2018) 2018

Year 2101. The southern hemisphere of planet Earth has become the world's garbage dump. In the middle of this enormous cemetery, a man will wake up wi...

Director: Daniel de la Vega, Pablo Parés

Stars: Fini Bocchino, Gastón Cocchiarale, Horacio Fontova, Sergio Podelei

5.7 IMDB Rating 180 Views
Sanctuary: Population One (2018) 2018

A young idealist; Ethan, is left searching for his family while fighting the infected, Med-Ex militia and bloodthirsty marauders, and the ghosts of hi...

Director: Lilly Heart Marriott

Stars: Donald Auger, Mathew Bittroff, Angela Mercy Bower, Matt Briard

3.3 IMDB Rating 278 Views
In My Room (2018) 2018

A bored man suddenly realizes everyone around him has disappeared though he isn't sure what happened.

Director: Ulrich Köhler

Stars: Hans Löw, Elena Radonicich, Michael Wittenborn, Ruth Bickelhaupt

6.4 IMDB Rating 186 Views
Cities of Last Things (2018) 2018

This is a story about a common man who has extraordinary events in his mundane life. The film depicts the protagonist's turns of events in three eras,...

Director: Wi Ding Ho

Stars: Lu Huang, Hong-Chi Lee, Louise Grinberg, Jack Kao

6.2 IMDB Rating 286 Views
Café Funiculi Funicula (Kohi ga Samenai Uchi Ni) (2018) 2018

Kazu works for family at a café. There is a belief that occupying a specific table seat at a table allows the occupant to travel back in time. While t...

Director: Ayuko Tsukahara

Stars: Kasumi Arimura, Motoki Fukami, Haru, Kento Hayashi

6.9 IMDB Rating 228 Views
Deep Blue Sea 2 (2018) 2018

A brilliant billionaire creates five genetically altered bull sharks, which proceed to wreak havoc for a group of scientists on an isolated research f...

Director: Darin Scott

Stars: Danielle Savre, Rob Mayes, Michael Beach, Nathan Lynn

3.3 IMDB Rating 629 Views
The Protector – Season 4 2018–2020

Discovering his ties to a secret ancient order, a young man living in modern Istanbul embarks on a quest to save the city from an immortal enemy.

Stars: Çagatay Ulusoy, Hazar Ergüçlü, Okan Yalabik, Ayça Aysin Turan

6.8 IMDB Rating 1,084 Views
Tito and the Birds (2018) 2018

The film tells the story of a boy who is responsible, along with his father, for finding the cure for an illness that is contracted after the person t...

Director: Gabriel Bitar, André Catoto, Gustavo Steinberg

Stars: Pedro Henrique, Denise Fraga, Matheus Nachtergaele, Mateus Solano

6.6 IMDB Rating 221 Views
Black Lightning – Season 3 2018–

A crusading school principal gets back into action as the original African-American electrical superhero.

Stars: Cress Williams, China Anne McClain, Nafessa Williams, Christine Adams

6.2 IMDB Rating 4,158 Views
The VelociPastor (2018) 2018

After losing his parents, a priest travels to China, where he inherits a mysterious ability that allows him to turn into a dinosaur. At first horrifie...

Director: Brendan Steere

Stars: Alyssa Kempinski, Greg Cohan, Claire Hsu, Aurelio Voltaire

5.7 IMDB Rating 404 Views
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